Event Viewer shows error, but Sync operations history is clean - Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

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I am strugling with the following issue. I am getting an Windows Event Viewer error message described below:

Error encountered during evaluation of Sync Rule: 'ADMA User Outbound Internal'. Details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices. FunctionLibrary.AttributeFlowMappingHandler.ExecuteOutboundTransformation(CSEntry csentry, MVEntry mventry, String strSyncRuleGuid, String xmlExpression, String workflowParameterTypes, String workflowParameterValues) at Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.Impl.ScriptHost.InvokeMA_ExecuteOutboundTransformation(_OCTET octMVPreImage, _OCTET octMVDelta, _OCTET octCSHologram, _OCTET octUnappliedDelta, _OCTET octEscrowedDelta, _OCTET octUnconfirmedDelta, _OCTET octImportDelta, UInt32 nMappings, _SyncRuleAttributeFlowMapping rgMappings, _OCTET* poctChanges, _MappingResults* pMappingResults, Int32* pOverallResult) InnerException=> none* 

The message itself is pretty clear, but the problem is that when I go and check the Operations History from Synchronization Service Manager, the history is clean and there are no errors.

Any suggestions how to go forward? I have no idea how to figure out what object could cause the problem.

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Microsoft Identity Manager
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    I've seen the same behavior in our system, and come to the conclution that this happens when an error occurs in our coded metaverse-extension. I belive we are trying to access an attribute that has not been set on some users, so I've worked on the code to verify and validate all attributes before trying to access them.