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I would like a list of the speed available for all clients to the Primary Server, or to Internet
I would like to add the speed used during communication to the Primary Server., or to Internet.

Yesterday during the patching some servers were really slow...


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Microsoft Configuration Manager Updates
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  1. Garth Jones 2,071 Reputation points

    The speed they have is meaningless. You need to talk to you network team they can help show you any slowness issues or bottlenecks.

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  1. Youssef Saad 3,401 Reputation points

    Hi Dom,

    As mentioned above by Garth, you have to check with your network team to provide you an idea about what consume the most your LAN/Internet bandwidth.

    If you have multiple sites with low WAN link, you can configure a DP, then your clients will download the content from the DP in the same network/site instead of the site server.


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  2. Dominique DUCHEMIN 831 Reputation points

    Thanks for your answer...
    I have DPs on all these slow sites but it is still not working as expected... when one "regular" site (10 Gb) is updating the servers in 1-2 hours the slow ones (2 or 4 Gb) are taking over 24 hours!!!


  3. Sherry Kissinger 3,966 Reputation points

    As mentioned, you will want to become best friends with your networking team. It may even be possible that via their network analytical tools, they (over the years) saw that you were one of the noisiest talkers and have, on purpose, throttled your traffic. Because, remember... even though we think we are the most important users of bandwidth... most likely the exchange team thinks they are. And HR thinks their "everyone needs to watch this training video across the WAN" thinks they are. (etc. etc.)

    There are possibly ways for the networking team to give you higher priority--but that is totally up to them. To them they have to balance the needs of every user of that pipe... if your company is like mine... you aren't even currently on their radar of a "team to keep happy"; but maybe that's only because they don't know you.

    That's why I recommend you find your networking team, and become best friends. If you can show to them how critical your data transfer needs are to keep the entire company safe, they might bump up your traffic from priority 83 to say... priority 51 (I'm making those numbers up, I have no idea how priorities in network traffic works; that's why we have a networking team)

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