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I have found a problem in AMO TOM dll when using the Synchronize method to synchronize a SSAS Tabular database from one server to another.

The problem is that the command is not synchronizing security memberships. It synchronize roles, but not the membership content of the roles.
When using the synchronize wizard in SSMS it works fine.

My code looks like this:


Using xEvents I managed to catch the command being sent to the server both using the TOM code and using the SSMS wizard.

Command when using TOM:

Command when using SSMS:

So what we can see here is that even through I set the SynchronizeSecurity Enum to CopyAll in the code it doesn´t apply that property to the command. Just as a test a tested the other two enum values skipmembership and ignoresecurity. They both work as expected (property added to the command).

I read that skipmembership is the default syncronizesecurity value. Propably that is what is happening here. It ignores my CopyAll property and uses default skipmembership.

I´m using the latest available version (19.14.0) of the AMO dlls available here:


The servers are running SSAS 2019 version (

Any idesas?

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  1. Stefan 191 Reputation points

    Test with new version today and the issue seems to be fixed :)

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  1. Lukas Yu -MSFT 5,816 Reputation points


    Thanks for your posting. It looks like this is a by design issue, that we could not change much about the method command.

    I suggest you could post this issue at SQL Server Feedback site :

    Hope the product team could see this and offer some fixes or solution.


  2. Iggy Soputro 1 Reputation point

    Hi, I can also confirm I have the same issue with SSAS 2017, version We have been synchronising using copyAll option in the past and have been working (i.e., role membership was synced) but the latest patch broke it (role membership not syncing anymore). I have up-vote your post.

  3. Stefan 191 Reputation points

    Just wanted to let you know that I raised a ticket with Microsoft and they confirmed that this a bug and it should be fixed in some upcoming release. Don´t know when though.