How to turn on azure side logging for AAD?

Siegfried Heintze 1,506 Reputation points

I'm having trouble debugging a sample Azure Active Directory tutorial sample app that uses simple User Based Authentication with azure-activedirectory-library-for-js.

The main web app seems to authenticate OK but when the javascript calls active directory to do a AJAX call to an API, I get an error "Error in getting values".

How can I diagnose this problem?
It would be nice to know if I am successfully contacting azure active directory (AAD). Is there any server (azure) side logging I can turn on to get some more clues?

Now I am curious about a different sample AAD B2C tutorial. Does AAD B2C have any server (azure) side logging that can be turned on?


    // Acquire Token for Backend
    authContext.acquireToken(authContext.config.resourceId, function (error, token) {

        // Handle ADAL Errors
        if (error || !token) {
            printErrorMessage('ADAL Error Occurred: ' + error);
        } = true;

        // Get values
            type: "GET",
            url: "https://localhost:44362/api/values",//"http://localhost:51101/api/values",//"https://localhost.fiddler:44362/api/values",
            headers: {
                'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + token
        }).done(function (data) {
            $("#lblData").text("values returned from API are: " + data[0] + ", " + data[1]);
            console.log('Get Call Sucessfull');
        }).fail(function () {
            console.log('Fail to get values');
            printErrorMessage('Error in Getting Values');
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  1. Ryan Hill 18,396 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @SiegfriedHeintze-9929 I suggest enabling logging on your client app. Adding application insights javascript libraries should provide additional telemetry and auto-collect exceptions like "Error getting values". If this doesn't help, let me know.

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  2. Siegfried Heintze 1,506 Reputation points

    The tutorial I'm using has me hosting the WebAPP and the WebAPI locally on my dev machine and not azure. I'm using javascript to authenticate on azure AD.
    This tutorial does not use npm. Is it possible to use Application Insights without using npm?

    I was previously able to login in to the WebApp and I having trouble connecting to my cross site REST service using the javascript authContext.acquireToken. I was successfully getting a token from the authContext.aquireToken.

    In the process of experimenting I have some how broken the WebApp and I can no longer login to the web app to even get to the point where I can call authContext.acquireToken.

    So if there is no logging on the server side of Azure Active directory to give me some hints on why things are going wrong?

    So let me focus on restoring my ability to log in to the WebApp. This was working two days ago.
    Yesterday I was getting AADSTS700054: response_type 'id_token' is not enabled for the application. After bing searching I tried enabling the "ID Tokens" check box and enabling "oath2AllowImplicitFlow" in that json script in the manifest as described how-to-fix-aadsts700054-response_type-id_token-is-not-enabled-for-the-application-error and that did not help.

    Today I'm not getting any errors. I put alert statements in the javascript implmentation of adal and I'm successfully calling this code in AuthenticationContext.prototype.login :

             alert('Begin Prompt User ' + urlNavigate);
            alert('End Prompt User ' + urlNavigate);

    I've checked and double checked my resourceID, my clientID, resourceID etc...
    Today I'm not getting any errors that I can see. The browser console log does not have anything helpful.

    Ooops, I lied, I finally got this error in the browser again (after several tries):

    Request Id: c3cb5647-cddb-4e4b-8331-3c3964c50b00
    Correlation Id: 6ee6efea-7a22-4a7f-a5e2-bbb62c468666
    Timestamp: 2020-04-22T21:59:03Z
    Message: AADSTS700054: response_type 'id_token' is not enabled for the application.

    So I've tried to fix this many times the error still occurs.
    Thanks for your help.

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