How to prebuild C# generics before runtime

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Currently, C# generics are built at runtime. First time, generics execution is very slow because runtime compilation.

How to avoid runtime to get target x64 or x86 binaries where generics are already compiled to native binary.

Is there LINK option for that I am missing?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Alberto Poblacion 1,556 Reputation points

    If I understand correctly, you want to bypass the JIT-compiler (Just In Time). For classical .Net Framework, you have a tool called NGEN.EXE (Native Image GENerator), which can take your IL files and turn them into executable binaries. Note that this is unrelated to whether you use Generics or not; the JIT and NGEN apply to any code with or without Generics.

    Link to documentation.

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  1. vb 276 Reputation points

    So, you want to say there is no LINK/BUILD option in Visual Studio that can build native image?

    Only NGEN.exe that you must call from script or manually from cmd?