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Im trying to make a uwp universal media player on visual studio community 2019

Im trying to make a uwp universal media player on visual studio community 2019 do I add the media element first by typing it in on xaml then i add the command bar second of it then it should b working. when I put in the code <Page.BottomAppBar in when I add this to it > to complete it it doubles the same by itself like <Page.BottomAppBar><Page.BottomAppbar> I can't get anything up on design, media element its like it won't accept my xaml coding no media element pops up in design ![7469-screenshot-10.png][1] ![7470-screenshot-11.png][2] ![7475-screenshot-13.png][3] [1]: /answers/storage/attachments/7469-screenshot-10.png [2]: /answers/storage/attachments/7470-screenshot-11.png [3]: /answers/storage/attachments/7475-screenshot-13.png

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when it automatically copys doubles it self is it gliching from automatically adding in media element, command bar. it still automatically doubles its self even on command bar xaml coding too

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When you type ' > ', the visual studio will automatically complete the rest part, it is the standard grammatical form. Since the BottomAppBar property cannot be empty, the designer cannot be displayed normally in the third picture. In that case, you need to add the correct contents in it. In addition, I'm confused that from the first picture, the code and the designer look good, why do you think this is a problem in the next two pictures? If you think this is a problem, could you please tell me what is the expected behavior you want?

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hi Fay Wang can we please have a online session so I can show you what my visual studio is doing to see if it's working ok

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You can record a video to show what your visual studio is doing. If you need further support about your issue, I suggest that you could open a paid support ticket for this. Please contact our paid phone support at MS Support. You will get 1:1 support on that. Please kindly note that your support ticket will be free if it is Microsoft's issue.

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About how to record a video, you can click win key + G to record or you can find some third-party softwares.

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