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Hi Expert,

After building some free utilities, I want to write some information to the exported .dll file.
I am customizing file.rc and want to add author information as well as URL like image, however after build, output file is empty these field (while other field have been added).
I want to ask how do I correctly write these information and these field supported?

Thanks you!

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  1. Drake Wu - MSFT 991 Reputation points

    Hi @DangDKhanh-2637 , If you want to display your custom values in file > properties > Details, you will not be able to achieve, see this answer on stackoverflow.

    The values that are displayed are hard-coded in the shell and the shell simply will not parse your resource and look for values that it knows nothing about.

    You need to use VerQueryValue to get your custom value, like:

    	DWORD handle = 0;  
    	TCHAR file[] = L"C:\\test.dll";  
    	DWORD len = GetFileVersionInfoSize(file, &handle);  
    	LPVOID pdata = malloc(len);  
    	GetFileVersionInfo(file, 0, len, pdata);  
    	LPVOID lpBuffer = NULL;  
    	UINT length = 0;  
    	VerQueryValue(pdata, L"\\StringFileInfo\\040904b0\\Authors", &lpBuffer, &length);  
    	printf("%S\n", lpBuffer);  

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