How to get Refresh Token in Azure AD B2C

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Below is the sample URL to which User signs up : &nonce=defaultNonce & & scope=offline_access openid client id & response_type=code+id_token token & prompt=login

I receive id_token, access_token and code as part of when user signs in using above user flow url. Can I get a refresh token as well ?
Alternate option is to get it via calling REST API by exchanging the auth code received above but I am trying to see if we can get it when user signs in.

Microsoft Entra External ID
Microsoft Entra External ID
A modern identity solution for securing access to customer, citizen and partner-facing apps and services. It is the converged platform of Azure AD External Identities B2B and B2C. Replaces Azure Active Directory External Identities.
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    @Harjani, Ashish , To get an access token, you would need the scope as "offline_access" in your request, which I do see is present, but this call is going to the /authorize endpoint of B2C. Since you are using the Authorization-Code Grant flow of OAuth, hence in order to get the refresh-token, you would have to send a request to the /token endpoint of B2C, with the scope as "offline_access"

    Sample Request:
    POST https://{tenant}{tenant}{policy}/oauth2/v2.0/token HTTP/1.1
    Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
    grant_type=authorization_code&client_id=90c0fe63-bcf2-44d5-8fb7-b8bbc0b29dc6&scope=90c0fe63-bcf2-44d5-8fb7-b8bbc0b29dc6 offline_access&code=AwABAAAAvPM1KaPlrEqdFSBzjqfTGBCmLdgfSTLEMPGYuNHSUYBrq...&redirect_uri=urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob

    You can find more details and reference on this here:

    Hope this helps.

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