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Suppose I am having a Eventhub with standard tier and setting throughput unit to 2 .
so how fast it can accept message ???? message / s ??


"Maximum size of eventhubs event" mean single event is 1MB ? And the speed will be faster if the message size is less than 1MB ?

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    There are two limits, you need to keep below both.

    For 1 throughput unit, you can submit 1,000 messages a second as long as the amount of data is less than 1 MB. That means an average message size below 1 KB.

    If your data load is going to be more than 1 KB (on average) then that will reduce the number of messages you can process per second.

    You scale up by adding more Throughput Units. I have seen documentation that you can scale up to 40 throughput units under the standard plan. You can also request more throughput units, but I presume that may or may not be approved.

    There are some scenarios where the max message size you can send to the Event Hub is 200 KB. However, you can send five of these per second for each throughput unit to reach your 1 MB per second threshold.

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