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SQL Latency On-Premises Data Gateway


I installed the on-premise data gateway but I found an isssue hard to resolve.

I am trying to execute a SQL stored procedure (svx_adm_buscadni) in Logic Apps via my gateway. When it is executed it takes more than 10 sec, but when I execute it via SQL Management Studio, it takes less than a second.

I followed all recommendations when installing the gateway. Both gateway and Logic Apps are in same region. Latency between database is 1ms.

I am attaching the gateway log. Any help, please?


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Does the stored procedure return data back?
If yes, the size of the record set could be contributing to the time when measured from the Logic App.

Also, how busy is your Data gateway? Are there other apps and services using it at the same time?

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Hi again! Yes, it returns data back. My stored procedure is a very simple one. It just returns name, phone numbers and a couple of things more from a single person.

Data gateway is not busy at all. It has no load. No other apps o services running.

I forgot to tell I have another data gateway server in my infrastructure, but connected to another tenant. That one seems to run well.

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