UWP App on XBOX crash at start only when I download it from the Microsoft Store

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I loaded it on the microsoft store, it passed the certifications, and it is now available. But, when I install it (or other users) and open it it crashes directly.

However, when I run the application from visual studio in debug or release mode I have no problem. I also tried sideloading it to my dev XBOX, and it's working fine.

I can't reproduce the bug in local so I can't find solution to fix that.

One might-be is that my app is using bunch of external DLLs, I include those to my app by do so:
<ContentWithTargetPath Include="native\ACL.dll">

My question here is,
Is there a way I can get log from XBOX that is not in dev mode?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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