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UWP App on XBOX crash at start only when I download it from the Microsoft Store

I loaded it on the microsoft store, it passed the certifications, and it is now available. But, when I install it (or other users) and open it it crashes directly.

However, when I run the application from visual studio in debug or release mode I have no problem. I also tried sideloading it to my dev XBOX, and it's working fine.

I can't reproduce the bug in local so I can't find solution to fix that.

One might-be is that my app is using bunch of external DLLs, I include those to my app by do so:
<ContentWithTargetPath Include="native\ACL.dll">

My question here is,
Is there a way I can get log from XBOX that is not in dev mode?

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The Health report in Partner Center lets you get data related to the performance and quality of your app, including crashes and unresponsive events. Can you see any crash or stack trace information in the health report of your windows dev center account about this app? Or you can try to integrate app center, App Center Crashes will automatically generate a crash log every time your app crashes, crash logs contain valuable information for you to help fix the crash.

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