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I have an input string in the following format:

DECLARE @input VARCHAR(2000)

SET @input = '11.98, 123.007(p), 11.999, 12.998(p)(q),11.98(p)(q)(r)'
While looping through each item in the list, I need to check the string for the number of parentheses it contains: one () or two () or three ().

If there was one (), I was able to differentiate '11.98', '123.007(p)' using

How do i check if the string has two or three parentheses? Please assist.

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  1. Viorel 113.2K Reputation points

    Try an example:

    --declare @EACHINPUTITEMFROMLIST varchar(max) = '11.98'  
    --declare @EACHINPUTITEMFROMLIST varchar(max) = '123.007(p)'  
    declare @EACHINPUTITEMFROMLIST varchar(max) = '12.998(p)(q)'  
    --declare @EACHINPUTITEMFROMLIST varchar(max) = '11.98(p)(q)(r)'  
        when a = 0 then 'no'   
        when c = 0 then 'one'  
        when e = 0 then 'two'  
        else 'three or more' end HowMany  
    from (values (charindex('(', @EACHINPUTITEMFROMLIST))) t1(a)  
    cross apply (values (charindex(')', @EACHINPUTITEMFROMLIST, a))) t2(b)  
    cross apply (values (charindex('(', @EACHINPUTITEMFROMLIST, b))) t3(c)  
    cross apply (values (charindex(')', @EACHINPUTITEMFROMLIST, c))) t4(d)  
    cross apply (values (charindex('(', @EACHINPUTITEMFROMLIST, d))) t5(e)  

    Searching for ‘)’ can be removed; the query can be simplified.

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  2. Yitzhak Khabinsky 25,206 Reputation points

    Another approach.


    DECLARE @input VARCHAR(2000) = '11.98, 123.007(p), 11.999, 12.998(p)(q),11.98(p)(q)(r)';
    DECLARE @StringToFind CHAR(1) = '(';
    SELECT @input AS inputString
          , (LEN(@input) - LEN(REPLACE(@input, @StringToFind,'')))/COALESCE(NULLIF(LEN(@StringToFind), 0), 1) AS cnt;


    |                      inputString                       | cnt |
    | 11.98, 123.007(p), 11.999, 12.998(p)(q),11.98(p)(q)(r) |   6 |
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