get attendance list microsoft teams api after meeting

Alaa Elockl 1 Reputation point

Hi everybody

i need to know to get attendance list microsoft teams api after meeting i try all ways but not found any suitable soluation can i find any help

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  1. Deva-MSFT 2,256 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    (1) You can create the online meeting using create online meeting. So that you will get the meeting id. Using that you can get the meeting details by using GET
    (2) Also you can try looking at

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  2. Mallipriya-MSFT 91 Reputation points

    Hi @Alaa Elockl , Yes, @Deva-MSFT is correct. You can create online meeting and can use the id of the created meeting to fetch the details of the meeting.

    The other way around, you can get the attendance report please have a look at this document.

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  3. Alaa Elockl 1 Reputation point

    thanks for reply but i use clander events and i tried to get the users with the same api using get and works perfect but only get particpantce names without starttime of in or time out or left the meeting and who is already joined

  4. Alaa Elockl 1 Reputation point

    i tried with get but i always got

    "code": "BadRequest",
    "message": "Resource not found for the segment 'app'.",

    my scope is

    Calendars.Read Calendars.Read.Shared Calendars.ReadWrite Calendars.ReadWrite.Shared Directory.AccessAsUser.All Directory.Read.All Directory.ReadWrite.All email Group.Read.All Group.ReadWrite.All GroupMember.Read.All GroupMember.ReadWrite.All Mail.Read Mail.Read.Shared Mail.ReadBasic Mail.ReadWrite Mail.ReadWrite.Shared Mail.Send Mail.Send.Shared MailboxSettings.Read MailboxSettings.ReadWrite offline_access OnlineMeetings.Read OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite openid Organization.Read.All Organization.ReadWrite.All People.Read People.Read.All profile Reports.Read.All Schedule.Read.All Schedule.ReadWrite.All Subscription.Read.All Tasks.Read Tasks.Read.Shared Tasks.ReadWrite Tasks.ReadWrite.Shared Team.Create Team.ReadBasic.All TeamMember.Read.All TeamMember.ReadWrite.All TeamMember.ReadWriteNonOwnerRole.All TeamsActivity.Read TeamsActivity.Send TeamsApp.Read TeamsApp.Read.All TeamsApp.ReadWrite TeamsApp.ReadWrite.All TeamsAppInstallation.ReadForChat TeamsAppInstallation.ReadForTeam TeamsAppInstallation.ReadForUser TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteForChat TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteForTeam TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteForUser TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteSelfForTeam TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteSelfForUser TeamSettings.Read.All TeamSettings.ReadWrite.All TeamsTab.Create TeamsTab.Read.All TeamsTab.ReadWrite.All TeamsTab.ReadWriteForChat TeamsTab.ReadWriteForTeam TeamsTab.ReadWriteForUser TermStore.Read.All TermStore.ReadWrite.All ThreatAssessment.ReadWrite.All ThreatIndicators.Read.All ThreatIndicators.ReadWrite.OwnedBy User.Export.All User.Invite.All User.ManageIdentities.All User.Read User.Read.All User.ReadBasic.All User.ReadWrite User.ReadWrite.All UserActivity.ReadWrite.CreatedByApp UserAuthenticationMethod.Read UserAuthenticationMethod.Read.All UserAuthenticationMethod.ReadWrite UserAuthenticationMethod.ReadWrite.All UserNotification.ReadWrite.CreatedByApp UserTimelineActivity.Write.CreatedByApp