Should I use C++14 to compile Azure ASR project?

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In the samples, C++14 is being used, while the guidance says Speech SDK uses C++ 11 standard. When I use the c++11 following guidance, I will get error:
speechapi_cxx_conversation_translator.h:349:26: error: invalid user-defined conversion from ‘Microsoft::CognitiveServices::Speech::Transcription::ConversationTranslator::OnTextMessageEventChanged(const Microsoft::CognitiveServices::Speech::EventSignal<const Microsoft::CognitiveServices::Speech::Transcription::ConversationTranslationEventArgs&>&)::<lambda(int, int, int)>’ to ‘PCONV_TRANS_CALLBACK {aka void ()(_spx_empty, _spx_empty*, void*)}’ [-fpermissive]
callback = { FireEvent(b, c, &ConversationTranslator::Tex

So I am confused, whether can I only use C++14 ?

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