How to get a second Windows operating system to boot from a USB drive.

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Hello Dear Microsoft Customer Support. Please help me get the 90-day free version of Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprice E5.

Please help me how to get Windows 10 Enterprise E5 for 90 days for free - I need to get this system to be able to run Microsoft Windows 10 Pro operating system scan on local Laptop Hard Drive - because I have infected my data by Trojan infections. I know exactly which website the Trojan infections come from - which infected my data on the disk.

So at the moment I have a problem still because I have infections on my local hard drive, on my Laptop where the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro operating system is installed, and these Virus infections, there are also on the website that stole my USD from my credit card and exchanged me those USD to Crypto Coins BTC.

Additionally, my data is stored in the OneDrive Cloud. I still have a problem because this data contains viral infections.

I strongly believe that Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise E5 Trial for 90 days - will help me solve my problem. Thus, the built-in Microsoft Defender in this operating system will help me efficiently scan not only the local hard drive in a laptop with the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro operating system in the Laptop, but also I will be able to get the opportunity to scan the website that stole my USD from my credit card and exchanged mi those USD to Crypto BTC coins. Then I also need to scan the OneDrvie Cloud without having to download my data from that cloud to my local hard drive. This solution can provide me with the removal of Onlinie virus infections.

Which in turn translates into the elimination of further data contamination on the local hard drive in the laptop.

I am asking Microsoft Customer Support to send me a step-by-step guide which version of the ISO image should I choose from this website>

There are two versions of the Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprice operating system on this page.

Windows 10 Enterprise version ISO image is available

An ISO image of Windows 10 Enterprise Enterprise and LTSC are available.

So which ISO should I choose to get the Defender version for Buiness - that is, to get a website scan and OneDrvie Cloud?

Dear Customer Support Microsoft, from the bottom of my heart, I am asking you for your support.

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Windows 10
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    For enterprise version, which have install the latest update package for keep system version latest.
    For LTSC version, which will not install update frequently to keep system stable.
    So, I would recommend to install Windows 10 Enterprise version, after installed it, update it through Settings\Update & Security\Windows Update to keep system latest. And then perform a full scan with Windows Defender.

    If you think your One Drive has get infected, you could restore to previous version on One Drive to the day before get infected. Restore a previous version of a file stored in OneDrive

    For details about get infection on One Drive, please refer to: Ransomware detection and recovering your files

    For activation with subscriptions E5, I am afraid there is no trial version for it. But for details we could contact with local sales partner or volume license support. Without activation evaluation, we also could use the Windows Defender to scan disk.

    Microsoft Licensing Activation Centers worldwide telephone numbers



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