DNS resolving records not in the same domain name space

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I am new to the organization. When I looked the DNS configuration on the Domain, I noticed forward lookup zones are configured in the way I am not familiar with. I want to confirm the settings are correct. And if it is correct, it would be great if I could get some info on how it works:

My domain is cd.rdc.company.com

There are 4 forward lookup zones:
. Backup.it.local zone: contains record with backup.it.local suffix. For example: test1.console.it.local.
. Console.it.local zone: contains record with console.it.local suffix. For example: test1.console.it.local
. it.local zone : contains record with it.local suffix. For example: test1.it.local
. cd.rdc.company.com zone: contains records with the same name space as the domain. For example: test1.cd.rdc.company.com

There are 4 NICs on each servers. IP on NIC 1 is associated with Backup.it.local. IP on NIC 2 is associated with Console.it.local. IP on NIC 3 is associated with it.local. IP on NIC 4 is associated with cd.rdc.company.com

Normally, I only see that DNS server resolves names that has the same domain name space. In this case, backup.it.local, console.it.local, and it.local don't have the same name space as the domain. Can we have forward lookup zones that do not have to same name space as domain controller? Is that the best design? If not, how should we redesign this DNS structure?

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  1. Candy Luo 12,661 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi ,

    Can we have forward lookup zones that do not have to same name space as domain controller?

    Yes, you can. However, on Domain Controllers with more than one NIC where each NIC is connected to separate Network, there's a possibility that the Host A DNS registration can occur for unwanted NICs.

    The following article talking about how to avoid registering unwanted NICs in DNS on a multihomed domain controller, you can have a look:

    Steps to avoid registering unwanted NICs in DNS on a multihomed domain controller

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