TumblingWindowTriggerStartTimeUpdateNotAllowed error

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DataFactory Tumbling window trigger problem:

I have been receiving an error while datafactory deployment.

TumblingWindowTriggerStartTimeUpdateNotAllowed Start time cannot be updated for Tumbling Window Trigger.

It was working previously, but since 2 weeks it is not able to update the trigger.
Alternatively i tried 2 thing:

  1. started deleting the trigger during deployment and then deploying again. With this, another issue occured as the trigger starts again from the creation date.
    $tumblingWindowTriggers = $triggersADF | Where-Object { $_.Properties -like 'Microsoft.Azure.Management.DataFactory.Models.TumblingWindowTrigger'}
    if ($null -ne $tumblingWindowTriggers.Name){
    foreach ($trgName in $tumblingWindowTriggers.Name){
    Remove-AzDataFactoryV2Trigger -Name $trgName -ResourceGroupName $r -DataFactoryName $getDataFactoryV2.DataFactoryName -Force
    Start-Sleep -s 5
  2. : Used a conditional statement to stop tumbling window trigger deployment by editing the JSON on the fly:

conditon : '[parameters(''isTumblingTrgNewDeployment'')]'

Still the bug remains. What if the time changes for tumbling trigger. Which means trigger has to deleted, time updated and the deployed.

Sure, i can go for the complex way: While updating json: check the date in json file, if its same as in datafactory then donot update else update the trigger date, delete it and than deploy again.

Any idea when this bug will be fixed?


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  1. Pranay 291 Reputation points

    @MartinJaffer-MSFT : thanks for suggestions.
    Meanwhile a workaround, I already created and tested the script. Its running smoothly in different environments ex. dev, test, stg and prod.
    Would be great if you can have a look, any suggessions or changes are very much appreciated.

    Link to the git repo below.

    Thanks for help..

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  1. Buchaiah B 101 Reputation points


    I am getting the below error when I am trying to Publish my main branch which has Tumbling Triggers.

    Error code: OK
    Inner error code: TumblingWindowTriggerStartTimeUpdateNotAllowed
    Message: Start time cannot be updated for Tumbling Window Trigger.null.

    Any pointers will be helpful.

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  2. Pranay 291 Reputation points

    Hi @Buchaiah B

    The problem is it is not able to update the old time to new one. The only way is to compare the old trigger time to new one and update if it’s new and then deploy.

    Unfortunately you need to do it using powershell or bash. I wrote the code in powershell. You can try it out, i have already tested it and is working without any problems.
    My git: https://github.com/pranayyt/Azure.TumblingWindowTriggerStartTime

    Hope this helps.

  3. PatrickH 1 Reputation point


    • Make sure that the ADF (or Synapse) resource has read permissions on the secrets in the vault.
    • Make sure that the ADF (or Synapse) resource has read permissions on its own resource. This might sound strange, but without explicitly granting this IAM/RBAC the pipeline will not be able to call the ADF REST API.
    • If you are in Azure Data Factory: add a Global Parameter for the Key Vault URL keyVaultUrl.
    • If you are in Azure Synapse Analytics pipelines: you can’t use global parametes yet, so make sure you replace those in the expressions with a variable or ‘hard-code’ the url.


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