WIA usage with MS Access

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I have the following code:

Do While blnContScan = True
    DPI = 200
    PP = 1 'No of pages
    Set Scanner = Dialog1.ShowSelectDevice(WIA.WiaDeviceType.ScannerDeviceType, False, False)
    With Scanner.Items(1)
        .Properties("6146").Value = 1 'Colour intent (1 for color, 2 for grayscale, 4 for b & w)
        .Properties("6147").Value = DPI 'DPI horizontal
        .Properties("6148").Value = DPI 'DPI vertical
        .Properties("6149").Value = 0 'x point to start scan
        .Properties("6150").Value = 0 'y point to start scan
        .Properties("6151").Value = 8.27 * DPI 'Horizontal extent
        .Properties("6152").Value = 11.69 * DPI     'Vertical extent for letter
    End With
    Set img = Dialog1.ShowTransfer(Scanner.Items(1), wiaFormatJPEG, True)

My issue is with the last line. As this code executes in a loop, each time that the last line is executed, it prompts the user to choose between the 4 scanners loaded.
Can I put this line somewhere else so that it is executed only once and the program remembers the selection?
If only 1 scanner is available to choose, the user is not prompt again.

The above loop only executes if there is multiple pages in the ADF.

Much appreciated

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