Windows 10 IoT Core and CE App Container

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I have been trying to make sense of the information on availability of Windows 10 IoT Core. It seems according to the product lifecycle page the last revisions of IoT Core are now discontinued and we should refer to Windows 10 IoT Core Services.

However IoT Core Services isn't an OS release as such but services to help deploy updates and run devices.

We would like to use CE App Container which was in August 2020 update, presumably to one of the now "retired" Win 10 IoT Core releases.

All that seems to be available now is Windows 10 IoT Core LTSC 2019. But by its nature this will only get security updates and not feature updates (which I assume CE App Container is).

So how do I get a currently supported version of Windows 10 IoT Core with CE App Container if the only supported version is LTSC 2019 and that pre-dates the App Container??!!

There was mention in an article a 2021 LTSC due with Core part of it but no date.

I hope someone can clarify the situation!! Thanks Mark

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Windows for IoT
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    The 2021 long term supported release of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise will combine the best of IoT Core and IoT Enterprise by offering several new features in a smaller footprint on both x64 and ARM64 hardware. Going forward, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise will be the only non-server version of Windows 10 IoT offered. (

    The Windows CE App Container software requires an updated version of Windows Compact 2013 (Build number 6294 from June 2020 or later) along with updated Windows 10 IoT Core Packages for x64 and ARM32 (August 2020 update or later). To obtain the latest packages for Windows 10 IoT Core, please contact your Microsoft distributor. (


    1. With Windows 10 IoT Core Services, your Windows 10 IoT Core OS will continue to receive security updates until 2029, no feature update.
    2. To support Windows CE App Container, don't worry about public released prebuild IoT version, what you need is updated Windows 10 IoT Core Packages for x64 and ARM32 (August 2020 update or later). This you may contact your local Microsoft distributor.