How to trigger buttons after typing something with enter in toast notifications uwp

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In quick reply toast notification if i write a quick reply and want to send it, I have to to press reply after having typed, is it possible to make 'Enter' trigger that button?

Also is it possible to disable a button once the user types anything in the reply textbox?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    Windows toast notifications use Ctrl+Enter to perform the quick reply and use Enter to add a new line.
    Currently, uwp does not provide a way to change it.

    ToastButton.TextBoxId can get or set the ID of an existing ToastTextBox in order to have this button display to the right of the input, achieving a quick reply scenario.

    So, this quick reply function depends on you using ToastButton.TextBoxId to make the button behave as a quick reply button. You could set the same Id for the textbox and the button.

    For example(ToastButton.TextBoxId and ToastTextBox.Id in the code below are the same, both are "tbReply"):

      ToastActionsCustom actions = new ToastActionsCustom()  
                    Inputs =  
                        new ToastTextBox("tbReply")  
                            PlaceholderContent = "Type a response"  
                    Buttons =  
                        new ToastButton("Reply", new QueryString()  
                            { "action", "reply" },  
                            { "conversationId", conversationId.ToString() }  
                            ActivationType = ToastActivationType.Background,  
                            ImageUri = "Assets/Reply.png",  
                            // Reference the text box's ID in order to quick reply  
                           TextBoxId = "tbReply"  

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