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is there a powershell way to extract the same information as the GUI


Goal is to retrieve the newer appl that supersed this older application before retirement process op the old one.

What cmdlets can be used to get this?

Windows Server PowerShell
Windows Server PowerShell
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    Came up with below sample to get the result not that fast but works.

    function Get-Supersededby
            $Apps = Get-CMApplication -name "$(($Name -split ' ')[0])*" -Fast | Where-Object {$_.IsSuperseding -eq 'true' -and $_.LocalizedDisplayName -notlike $Name} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty LocalizedDisplayName
            $Result = @()
            foreach ($item in $Apps)
                $DeploymentTypeNames = Get-CMDeploymentType -ApplicationName $item | Select-Object -ExpandProperty LocalizedDisplayName
                foreach ($DeploymentTypeName in $DeploymentTypeNames)
                    $Supersedence = Get-CMDeploymentType -ApplicationName $item -DeploymentTypeName $DeploymentTypeName
                    $Supersedence = Get-CMDeploymentTypeSupersedence -InputObject $Supersedence
                    $AppModelNames = $Supersedence | Select-Object -ExpandProperty AppModelName
                    foreach ($AppModelName in $AppModelNames)
                        $Supersedes = Get-CMApplication -Fast | Where-Object {$_.ModelName -eq "$AppModelName"}
                        if ($Name -eq $Supersedes.LocalizedDisplayName)
                            Write-Verbose "$item" 
                            $Object = New-Object -TypeName psobject 
                            $Object | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name Name -Value $item
                            $Result += $Object
            Return $Result
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  1. AllenLiu-MSFT 41,296 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Q&A forum.
    The link you provide is to get the old deployment types that an application supersedes.
    But your requirement is to get the new deployment types that supersede this application.
    Seems no powershell command to meet this.

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