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Is it possible to migrate a JavaScript UWP application from Visual studio 2015 to 2017

As we migrate into Azure, we plan to implement Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) using Azure pipelines for our application components. Basically, there are two types of projects available – JavaScript UWP Application and Asp.Net application based on DNN framework. Both are developed using Visual studio 2015.
It was mentioned in Microsoft documentation, that Microsoft will be removing support of Azure pipelines that is hosted using Visual studio 2015. It is recommended to migrate from Visual studio 2015 to 2017. So we migrated application into VS 2017 and implemented CI/CD. But we could not migrate JavaScript UWP application as we face lot of challenges.

Is it possible to migrate a JavaScript UWP application from Visual studio 2015 to 2017

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Hello, you said that the migration has encountered challenges. What does the challenge mean? Is Visual Studio 2017 unable to open the old version of the project?

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Hello Richard,
Thanks for reaching out.

Actual problem is Windows 8.1 store app (now commonly called as universal apps) created in VS 2015 is not loading/opening in VS 2017. It was mentioned in few forums that VS2017 doesn't support Windows Phone 8.x or Windows 8.x applications.


Your thoughts please!

Rajesh S

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This is correct. In fact, the Windows 8.1 apps are not the UWP apps we are talking about, although they are similar. Due to huge changes in the system, some of the original APIs are no longer available. You may consider referring to this document to modify your project file, but it is recommended to remake your application on the Windows 10 platform, which will avoid some exceptions caused by platform differences.

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