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Hi, I have Windows Server 2019 vNext Insider Preview Build 20287. It actually says "Windows Server 2022." I have a Storage Pool titled "S2D on Cluster1." I'm using (1) Samsung SSD for Boot "C:", and (2) identical Samsung SSD's in the Pool. Also (1) Western Digital 1TB for Data (on a PCIe x1 Card.) The (2) SSD's in the Pool are using "Simple" Layout "Fixed" for striping. I see no change in Performance. I ran Novabench Benchmark before and after and it remains the same. So, I'm thinking of returning (1) Samsung SSD (from the Pool) and the PCIe card. Then I'll use the WD 1TB on the 4th SATA III connector (I have 4.) So, I'm trying to delete the Storage Pool (and it's Virtual Disk w/ (2) SSD's) before I open the Case and remove the SSD I want to return. The problem is, I can't connect to the Cluster. The Cluster Service won't start. The Virtual Disk and Storage Pool says "Healthy." I'm trying to connect to the Cluster in Failover Cluster Manager. It says "Cluster cluster1 not found." And I can't run Validate Configuration in Failover Manager. I think it's because the Cluster Service won't start. Then I'd be able to connect. I tried adding C:\Windows\Cluster to HKLM in the registry. I don't have "CLUSDB." I can't add "C:\Windows\Cluster." Unless I'm doing it wrong.

"Regedit, Select HKLM, Select File, Load Hive, C:\Windows\Cluster folder, type "Cluster", click "Open."

I'm not sure what to select inside of Cluster folder. I need to add the whole thing. And I don't see CLUSDB.blf. Any ideas? So I can't start the Cluster Service. Is there any way to do this in Powershell? Or delete the Cluster/Virtual Disk in Powershell?

Also, is there any way to increase my Performance (Benchmark) with my existing (2) SSD's? That's why I'm using S2D or Storage Spaces. I have them formatted ReFS. Not my Boot C. And I don't have enough drives for Parity. I thought it'd be similar to RAID. I might buy a RAID card. I'm not sure if my Dell Inspiron will work. I only have AHCI in BIOS. No option for RAID. Maybe it will pop on there if I install a PCIe card?

So how do I delete my Pool? And Virtual Disk? And Cluster? Please reply. Thanks

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    Please check the following docs:
    Storage Spaces - Designing for Performance
    Storage Spaces - mix SSD with HDD
    How to Optimize SSD for Faster Performance
    Or you can try to use StarWind Virtual SAN:

    StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) is a software that eliminates any need for physical shared storage by simply "mirroring" internal hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers. It's compatible with the hypervisor of your choice, be it Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere/ ESXi, Linux KVM, or Xen.

    Thanks for your time!
    Best Regards,
    Mico Mi


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    I figured it out. I noticed the Cluster Name "cluster1" disappeared from Failover Cluster Manager. It listed no Clusters. So I created a new Cluster with the exact same name "Cluster1." Then added the same Server Name or Node (My Windows Server 2019) and now it connects. I can Delete Virtual Disk/Storage Pool if I want. From Server Manager. Before I do that I'd like to know if I can increase my Performance with Storage Spaces? I know I won't get a lot, but I thought I'd try. And I don't have enough Disks for Mirroring/Parity. So please respond with info on "Simple", "Fixed" or "Thin." I currently use Fixed because my (2) SSD's don't need any free space. Dedicated to S2D Simple. And I wanted to try ReFS for Windows Server Backup. Built-In. Any info on that? And will ReFS help the performance of my VMware VM's on my Western Digital 1TB? Not Hyper-V? It's also formatted to ReFS. It's not located in C:\ClusterStrorage. It's on D:. I'll check back later. Thanks

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    And Cluster Service starts and is on "Automatic."

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    Will Storage Spaces or Storage Spaces Direct speed up my PC? Thanks

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    Thanks for the link! I will continue reading. It explains "Simple" space. And the "speed up my SSD" looks interesting. I'm only using SSD's. I heard that using an SSD and an HDD will decrease the overall speed to the HDD speed. I have a 10k HDD. I'll stick with my SSD's. This thread is solved. Thanks again