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I have setup Hyper V on my 2012 R2 server. I added several VM's including 4 win 10 machines, and a server machine. My initial setup was a VM of server 2012 R2, makes sense right, problem is the VM would not update. I would run updates, it would say it needs to restart, i would click restart, then the connection window on the host server just goes to the 'ctrl-alt-del' screen, but no key presses work, hitting shutdown in Hyper V manager doesn't work, the machine just hangs. The i turn it off, when restarting it starts, installs updates for awhile then says it has a problem and rolls back the changes. Constant loop. So then i setup a 2019 VM, it worked flawlessly, but i don't want to pay for a license of this, so i went and rebuilt a 2012 R2 VM. Same issue as before. I installed the integration tools. I have all integration services checked in hyper V manager. What gives?

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  1. Chris Edelen 1 Reputation point

    So i ran another test, i installed only 1 update, and it installed fine, it say it needs to restart, i clicked restart, but the machine will not restart. Goes to the ctrl-atl-del to sign in screen, and wont do anything.

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  2. Chris Edelen 1 Reputation point

    Tried another test, just saved the VM, and then started it, thought this might make is snap into shape. Wrong, still does nothing once back awake. I need this to work, because i already have the 2012 r2 license to run this VM with. Why wouldn't a 2012 R2 VM run just fine on a 2012 R2 hyper V server?

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  3. Chris Edelen 1 Reputation point

    So now i went in through a remote session, did the updates, clicked restart, and the same thing. Don't think its relevant, but i am using an evaluation copy of the ISO for the installation of 2012 R2.

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  4. Dave Patrick 426.2K Reputation points MVP

    Some things to try;

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  5. Chris Edelen 1 Reputation point

    Thanks for your reply. This installation is literally only hours old, so i don't think the 2 tools mentioned would help, yet anyway (Not that it couldn't be a bad install, but it did this on a previous install as well so.....). I don't think this is really an update issue, its more like Hyper V is not allowing the machine to restart. I am in the process of installing a bunch of updates that don't require a restart. Maybe this will get it to snap out of it!!

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