Problem with PHP Laravel accessing Calendar with Microsoft Graph using Microsoft Tutorial Code

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I am following the (PHP Laravel) Microsoft Graph Tutorial and using the code provided by Microsoft:
(Full code is here) . It is a tutorial that ultimately accesses teh Microsoft365 Calendar via GRaph

have come a long way and am able to access data in JSON format (as per tutorial). However when I try to access the data via the calendar.blade using the code provided The following laravel blade code does not work:

First <h2>{{ $dateRange }}</h2> dateRange is undefined. (must be a built in Microsoft function

If this line is removed then next line of code: :

<a class="btn btn-light btn-sm mb-3" href={{action('CalendarController@getNewEventForm')}}>New event</a>

produces another error:

Action CalendarController@getNewEventForm not defined. (View: C:\xampp\htdocs\graph-tutorial\resources\views\calendar.blade.php)


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