regular expression exact date with multiple formats

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I have a large file with URL strings such as:

I need to extract only the URLs with date 01-05-2020 in any format it arrives, with or without separators.

so I have written the following regexp:


it works fine, but also finds false positives such as:


So I understand that I need to enhance it in a way - that if the first pattern is MM, then look in the second for DD or YYYY, and then in the third only look for what is left.

An thoughts of how to do it ?



Azure Active Directory Domain Services
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    Saurabh Sharma 17,291 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    Q&A currently supports the products listed over here (more to be added later on).

    You might want to reach out to the experts over StackOverflow.

    (Please don't forget to accept helpful replies as answer)

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