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UWP App Appears Differently on Different Machines While Debugging

I have a UWP app that I am debugging. However, while debugging, it appears differently on the 2 machines I have tried it on (no code has been changed, and both machines have the same version of Windows 10). The first machine, a Surface Book i7 (my development machine, therefore Local Machine in the debugging toolbar), shows the following 2 clips:



The second machine, a Surface Go, is being used with the Visual Studio 2019 Remote Debugger. Here are clips of the same 2 areas when remote debugging on that machine:



Notice the differences in alignment. If I modify the numbers to work on one device, hey do not work on the other. The elements & controls have fixed widths & heights, so stretching is not the reason for the problem. How can I design & debug things like this for multiple devices? Thanks.

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Can you provide the related xaml code snippet about this for us to test? In addition, how did you modify the numbers? Can you show more details about your expected behavior?

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Hi, have you solved your issue? Do you have other questions?

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Hi, is there any update?

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