Storage Spaces Two Way Mirror Read Performance

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Hi all. I'm new to storage spaces and thought it would be a simple solution. I have 4 disks 3TB each (12 TB total) set up in a two way mirror with 2 columns (6TB usable space). Each of my drives was tested using Crystal disk mark at 120 to 150 MB/s read individually. I was under the impression that reading from a two way mirror would (ideally) be from all 4 disks simultaneously (480 to 600MB/s). However, I am currently only getting about 250MB/s. When I originally tried this, I set it up as 1 column and it was only reading at 130MB/s which makes me think that the disks are only reading from one side of the mirror. Am I missing a setting somewhere to get full performance?

PC stats:
Windows 10 Pro
4x8GB DDR Ram

get-virtualdisk |fl
PassThroughClass :
PassThroughIds :
PassThroughNamespace :
PassThroughServer :
UniqueId : D2565E3A6A1D1E4CB44977434F8DF11E
Access : Read/Write
AllocatedSize : 5993626861568
AllocationUnitSize : 1073741824
ColumnIsolation : PhysicalDisk
DetachedReason : None
FaultDomainAwareness : PhysicalDisk
FootprintOnPool : 11987790594048
FriendlyName : VolumeD
HealthStatus : Healthy
Interleave : 262144
IsDeduplicationEnabled : False
IsEnclosureAware : False
IsManualAttach : False
IsSnapshot : False
IsTiered : False
LogicalSectorSize : 4096
MediaType : Unspecified
Name :
NameFormat :
NumberOfAvailableCopies :
NumberOfColumns : 2
NumberOfDataCopies : 2
NumberOfGroups : 1
OperationalStatus : OK
OtherOperationalStatusDescription :
OtherUsageDescription :
ParityLayout :
PhysicalDiskRedundancy : 1
PhysicalSectorSize : 4096
ProvisioningType : Fixed
ReadCacheSize : 0
RequestNoSinglePointOfFailure : False
ResiliencySettingName : Mirror
Size : 5993626861568
UniqueIdFormat : Vendor Specific
UniqueIdFormatDescription :
Usage : Data
WriteCacheSize : 0
PSComputerName :

Windows Server Storage
Windows Server Storage
Windows Server: A family of Microsoft server operating systems that support enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications.Storage: The hardware and software system used to retain data for subsequent retrieval.
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  1. Mico Mi 1,921 Reputation points

    In two-column two-way mirror space, it add a layer of data copies below the stripe, which means that a two-way mirror space duplicates each individual column's data onto two disks. So, it's normal to read from 2 disks instead of 4.

    Thanks for your time!
    Best Regards,
    Mico Mi


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