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Hello everybody.
I have a laptop that stores my financial information. Only the required licensed programs are installed on this laptop.
But, I want to automate some of my work on this laptop.
I am afraid to install an autoclicker program from the Internet. But, I don't want to learn a new programming language to create my own autoclicker.
Maybe I'm a naive person, but I trust the Small Basic files and the LitDev library. A couple of years ago, LitDev already added the "SendClick" method to his library.
Tell me please, can I hope that the "SendKeystrokes" method will be added to the LitDev library?
If this is not possible, then maybe someone can help me get the source code to use it with the "LDInline." method?

I would be grateful for any help.
In addition, I think that a reliable and own autoclicker can be useful to many people who use Small Basic, but have not studied big C# and VB.NET.

Thanks :)

A programming language created by Microsoft that serves a stepping stone for beginners from block-based coding languages to more complex text-based languages.
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  1. Pappa Lapub 191 Reputation points

    I'm not sure where you want to send keystrokes to..

    To the current running app or
    any other application by WindowTitle or hWnd?
    Theres an example on CodeProject, like

    There're also, as you mentioned a lot of KeyRecorders AutoClickers, like Clicador

    aso lots more...

    SB-Extensions that use SendKey are eg.
    LDTextWindow.SendKey (which you know)

    Perhaps also look at
    FCKeyboard... (in Fremy ext.)
    like FCKeyboard.SendKeys ( ups, just found it's deaktevated)

    SPKeys together with
    SPExtra.SendKeys (in SayPlus ext from LDExtensionMgr, rather old, recompiled and untested)

    KeyboardBuffer... (in Piccolino ext. also rather old and recopmiles for SB1.2)

    RZGraphicsWindow (in RezohRu ext, perhaps you find something usefull)

    I'll upload the Piccolino and RezohRu extensions for SB12 for you in a while, sorry that .xml files are prob. in german only, trying to find the engl. versions.

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  2. Pappa Lapub 191 Reputation points

    PS: (27.78KB)


  3. green.oliverr07 1 Reputation point


    Where you want to send keystrokes? to any Game or any other running application?

    If you have basic knowledge of Python or Java, then I suggest you code your own auto clicker. There are lots of source code is already available on Youtube and Github.

    Or you can download a good auto clicker from any trusted site. It will make your job easier. ( Source )