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Gowri Nair 21 Reputation points

Hi everyone,

I need an urgent help with Macros. I have spent 2 weeks of figuring this out on my own but I now need an expert telling me if its possible or not or if it is, then how!! Since I don't know coding, I have to completely depend on CTR+C --> CTRL + V

Here is what I have been trying to do. I have a document with a list of words that need to be highlighted automatically on the main document. I need this macro button by default because the work that's coming my way is going to be extremely tedious and manual. To go through each document and highlight multiple words from the list is going to be insane. So having a shortcut, that would use the external list using the Macro (or any other thing) will reduce the work load drastically.

Why I keep mentioning Macro is because that's the solution I keep getting when I google. I also managed to find a code but unfortunately got an error message: 'string parameter too long'. Since macros have a 255 character limit and my one list alone is 42 words, I don't know how it would work.

Can anyone please help me? I am desperate. Is there a software, is there a internal tool, or are Macros good enough. I have no idea. And if it's coding that's needed, I need help there too, because I have no coding background.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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  1. Charles Kenyon 2,581 Reputation points

    Look at these two free utilities under Find and Replace.

    These are very similar and both have a command to Find and Replace (with Table defined pairs).
    You would put the words you are seeking in column 1 and the same words with your highlighting in column 2.
    Although primarily about processing a folder of documents, these can both be used for a single document at a time.

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  1. Erin Ding-MSFT 4,456 Reputation points

    @Gowri Nair

    Please check if the answer given by CharlesKenyon-8472 is helpful to you.

    Besides, tag "office-word-itpro" focuses on general issues about Word clients.
    If you would like help related to macro/code, it is suggested to add a tag "office-vba-dev".

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