MANAGE c++ System::Convert::ToDouble with TCHAR ARRAY

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I try convert TCHAR tcValues to double using the function below.

I use Manage C ++:

TCHAR tcValue[100] ;

//assume that tcValue = "0.1234" ;

                dblValue = System::Convert::ToDouble (tcValue) ;  // I always got dblValue = 1.0 for any value in tcValue
                dblValue = System::Convert::ToDouble (gcnew String(tcValue)) ; //I got correct value store in tcValue

My question is why this function (System::Convert::ToDouble (tcValue))
does not generate any error but does not return correct value stored in tcValue

Is this a bug in this System::Convert::ToDouble function?


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  1. Linh Huynh 96 Reputation points

    I confirmed that this is a MS bug with .NET Framework 4.0.

    I checked my old version and I did have the same code but with .NET Framework 1.1 and it is working correctly.


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