acquireTokenSilent raise a page refresh in Azure AD

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I have a web application build with SPA(React js) and integrate with Azure AD. I am facing an issue with token refresh in backend. when the application calls acquireTokenSilent method , the user gets signout from the application and show a popup like "can't able to sign the user". Is there any way to resolve this signout issue in SPA. Could anyone help me on this

Below given is the configuration which i used in SPA.

import { MsalAuthProvider, LoginType } from 'react-aad-msal';

// Msal Configurations
const config = {
    auth: {
        authority: '',
        clientId: 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX',
        //redirectUri: 'https://localhost:44311/signOut',
        postLogoutRedirectUri: 'https://localhost:44311/signOut',
        validateAuthority: true,
        navigateToLoginRequestUrl: true
    cache: {
        cacheLocation: "sessionStorage",
        storeAuthStateInCookie: false

// Authentication Parameters
const authenticationParameters = {
    scopes: ['api://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/user_impersonation', 'api://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/User.Read', 'User.Read']


// Options
const options = {
    loginType: LoginType.Redirect,
    tokenRefreshUri: window.location.origin

export const authtest = new MsalAuthProvider(config, authenticationParameters, options)


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