Creating AKS cluster with managed identity and associated with an acr by az cli script error

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I am new to power-shell scripts and I tried to run below script that will create an AKS-cluster with managed identity also associated with an ACR . But it was giving an error.Below is script code..

    [parameter(Mandatory = $false)]
    [string]$subscriptionName = "azure-subcription",
    [parameter(Mandatory = $false)]
    [string]$resourceGroupName = "demoRG",
    [parameter(Mandatory = $false)]
    [string]$resourceGroupLocaltion = "East US 2",
    [parameter(Mandatory = $false)]
    [string]$clusterName = "nginxCluster",
    [parameter(Mandatory = $false)]
    [int16]$workerNodeCount = 3,
    [parameter(Mandatory = $false)]
    [string]$kubernetesVersion = "1.19.3",
    [parameter(Mandatory = $false)]
    [string]$acrRegistryName = "ngAcrRegistry2"

# Set Azure subscription name
Write-Host "Setting Azure subscription to $subscriptionName"  -ForegroundColor Yellow
az account set --subscription=$subscriptionName

$aksRgExists = az group exists --name $resourceGroupName

Write-Host "$resourceGroupName exists : $aksRgExists"

if ($aksRgExists -eq $false) {

    # Create resource group name
    Write-Host "Creating resource group $resourceGroupName in region $resourceGroupLocaltion" -ForegroundColor Yellow
    az group create `
        --name=$resourceGroupName `
        --location=$resourceGroupLocaltion `

$aks = az aks show `
    --name $clusterName `
    --resource-group $resourceGroupName `
    --query name | ConvertFrom-Json

$aksCLusterExists = $aks.Length -gt 0

if ($aksCLusterExists -eq $false) {
    # Create AKS cluster
    Write-Host "Creating AKS cluster $clusterName with resource group $resourceGroupName in region $resourceGroupLocaltion" -ForegroundColor Yellow
    az aks create `
            --resource-group $resourceGroupName `
            --name $clusterName `
            --node-count $workerNodeCount `
            --enable-managed-identity `
            --kubernetes-version $kubernetesVersion 
            #--attach-acr $acrRegistryName
    # assign acr to aks
    az aks update -g $resourceGroupName -n $clusterName --attach-acr $acrRegistryName
# Get credentials for newly created cluster
Write-Host "Getting credentials for cluster $clusterName" -ForegroundColor Yellow
az aks get-credentials `
    --resource-group=$resourceGroupName `
    --name=$clusterName `

Write-Host "Successfully created cluster $clusterName with $workerNodeCount node(s)" -ForegroundColor Green

Write-Host "Creating cluster role binding for Kubernetes dashboard" -ForegroundColor Green

# kubectl create clusterrolebinding kubernetes-dashboard `
#     -n kube-system `
#     --clusterrole=cluster-admin `
#     --serviceaccount=kube-system:kubernetes-dashboard

Error Msg is coming like as "az: error: unrecognized arguments: --enable-managed-identity".

Please help or give suggestions on how to enable managed identity also associated with AKS-clusters.

Many Thanks,

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  1. Saurabh Sharma 23,761 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Anirban Goswami Thanks for using Microsoft Q&A !!

    As mentioned in Use managed identities in Azure Kubernetes Service documentation, you need to install Azure CLI version 2.15.1 or later to use managed identity in AKS cluster.

    Please upgrade your current azure-cli version from 2.0.63 to minimum required or the current stable version and try again. Please let me know if you still face any issues.


    Please do not forget to "Accept the answer" wherever the information provided helps you to help others in the community.

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