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Description: I am using an MS Graph for creating calendar invites through API. I`ve begun to get a lot of errors while request. There are an empty body and status_code: 503. Can you please help me?

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  1. Denys Kovalenko 1 Reputation point

    This problem appears sometimes. Maybe 2 times per day.
    There is an example of a response headers and body:

    {body: "", headers: [{"Cache-Control", "private"}, {"Content-Type", "text/plain"}, {"request-id", "c71b126c-8f13-4303-b93a-dd323d5522dc"}, {"client-request-id", "c71b126c-8f13-4303-b93a-dd323d5522dc"}, {"x-ms-ags-diagnostic", "{\"ServerInfo\":{\"DataCenter\":\"North Europe\",\"Slice\":\"SliceC\",\"Ring\":\"4\",\"ScaleUnit\":\"002\",\"RoleInstance\":\"AGSFE_IN_91\"}}"}, {"Strict-Transport-Security", "max-age=31536000"}, {"Date", "Thu, 04 Feb 2021 10:00:45 GMT"}, {"Content-Length", "0"}], method: :post, options: [timeout: 60000, recv_timeout: 60000], params: %{}, url: ""}, request_url: "", status_code: 503}}

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  2. Deva-MSFT 2,256 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Thanks for the update and sharing related info.

    (1) As i updated earlier, when you notice the issue, then try the same API call in Microsoft Graph Explorer or POSTMAN to see still you can repro the issue or not.
    (2) In case if you're trying to create good amount of calendar invites using the API, then try to see if you can make them in smaller blocks and see if it helps.

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