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I have four columns of the Yes/No type, I would like to create a 5th column that counts the number of yes. I have seen other answers but I can not make the code work, I keep getting a syntax error. I added the column names with the picker, I have set the output to number. I tried code with =true in the test part of the formula. Can anybody help please? I believe that I can treat the Yes/No columns as boolean.

IF([Finanzielle Sanktionen],1,0)+IF([Geschätzter Gesamtwert 'Velocity'/Aufwand],1,0)+IF([Gibt es eine bestimmte vertragliche Go Live Ziele],1,0)+IF([Nicht standardmäßige Anforderungen],1,0)



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  1. Echo Du_MSFT 17,116 Reputation points

    Hello @James Purcell ,

    Please following steps:

    1) Create a Calculated field named "Count"

    2) Use the following Formula:

    =IF([Y/N],1,0)+IF([T/F],1,0)+IF([T or F],1,0)+IF([Y or N],1,0)  

    3) Select Number as the data type returned from this formula

    4) OK button



    Echo Du

    Updated Answer ==============

    Hi @James Purcell ,

    I run the test again, and this time I will follow your naming requirements to name these columns.



    Create a Calculated column named Count. The formula is as follows:

    =IF([Finanzielle Sanktionen],1,0)+IF([Geschätzter Gesamtwert 'Velocity'/Aufwand],1,0)+IF([Gibt es eine bestimmte vertragliche Go Live Ziele],1,0)+IF([Nicht standardmäßige Anforderungen],1,0)   


    I suggest that you judge in turn according to the order in which the columns are created.


    Echo Du


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  1. James Purcell 21 Reputation points


    Thank you for your detailed reply, I believe I have followed your guide step by step, but I am still receiving a syntax error.


    I have entered the following data, I thought I would test to see if I could get it working with just one column first:


    The column layout is as follows


    And the column settings are:


    I did change the setting to allow management of all content types so that I could change the title column from being required, but I changed that back afterwards.

    Thank you again for your time and help.

  2. Gerardo Lewis 0 Reputation points

    how di you resolved it doesent work for me ?

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