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How can I get the status of a Dev-managed Consumable?


We have dev managed consumeables. If a customer buys the product and makes a cancellation or a withdraw via Microsoft, how can I check the status and be informed about the cancellation?

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Hi, what kind of cancellation are you referring to? If the user cancels before payment, you can judging the result of context.RequestPurchaseAsync(storeId). this is relevant document. If the user cancels within a period of time after payment, you can open a Support Ticket to consult the store's service staff.


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Hi, do you have any other questions? If so, please feel free to ask

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Hello Richard, thanks for the clarification!

We are currently in the process of switching from dev-managed consumables to store managed subscriptions, because of the earlier question. The other questions would be subscription related so I am not sure, if I should open a new topic:

What happens if a subscription is canceled by the user during the active month?
Can it just be canceled at the end of the current period or also during the subscription?

Will there be a refund?

Can an application owner cancel a subscription during the active period and refund a remaining amount?
This would apply to subscription changes, e.g if a user would like to change the duration from 1 to 6 month during the active period. Is this possible?

If the user cancels his subscription within his Microsoft Account settings, will there be a notification for us or do we have to check the subscription status always after the user has logged in to our application?

Thanks for your support!

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Hello, in the store service, the user has the right to cancel the subscription, whether the refund depend on the region, and please refer to this document for details. You can check this document on how to get the status of the user's current subscription. Here is a detailed description of the user's current subscription status.


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Hi, have you solved this problem? If not, please feel free to ask.

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