Use different UNSTORED credentials for mapped drive in Win 10 v2004 and up

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I have a NAS on which the user credentials do not match my Windows credentials. This is done intentionally. This is a Workgroup computer and NAS, not AD. I have several mapped shares, and have them set to re-connect at log-on so they appear in the My Computer window. Prior to the 2004 update, Windows would send my Windows logon credentials to the NAS when I logged into the computer, which are wrong, and show the drives with a red X through them. That's OK. Then, when I double-clicked a mapped drive, it would open a user name and password dialog, which also said the current user name or password is wrong. I entered the right credentials, and access was granted. Now, it does the same thing at login but when I double-click a drive it just opens an information box that tells me the credentials are wrong and all I can do is click OK. This is, quite frankly, stupid. Why tell me that and give me no way to correct it? And why remove a perfectly good feature?

Is there a local policy or something I can change to get it back like it was?

I have scoured this forum and the internet for a solution, and none is to be found, although many others seem to have this same desire (oddly, some had a problem before the 2004 update when mine quit working). Does Microsoft not read these and recognize that their assumptions about how a user wants Windows to act are simply wrong? I don't mind that the log on my NAS shows an invalid login attempt every time I re-boot my Windows PC, but I do mind that I can't still connect with the right ones in a straightforward manner.

Don't tell me to store the credentials using "log in with different credentials", as I do not want them stored on the computer and that only works if you do store them. I don't understand why there's not a checkbox for "Prompt" for these, which would solve the problem. You can't save it with them blank, and putting them in and not saving them has the same effect of not doing it at all (it reverts to using the Windows credentials).

Don't tell me to use a batch file to delete and re-create the mappings or anything else that involves a command prompt every time. That's called a work-around, not a solution, and is what I'm doing now because I've not found a solution.

I had hoped this was just a bug in V2004, but it's still there in 20H2.

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    Hi ,

    Sorry for all these inconvenience.

    The Feedback Hub app lets you tell Microsoft about any problems you run in to while using Windows 10. You can report this issue to Microsoft directly with the Feedback Hub app.
    For more information on using the app, click here:

    Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app

    If this issue is urgent, I would also suggest you contact Microsoft Customer Support and Services where more in-depth investigation can be done so that you would get a more satisfying explanation and solution to this issue.
    You may find phone number for your region accordingly from the link below:

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    So, posting here seems to be a waste of time. No wonder all I can find is others with a similar problem, not a solution.