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Ken Buchanan 11 Reputation points

I have just noticed that most of my frequently used documents have a very strange file name. Basically the last version but one has the valid name and the latest has the valid name suffixed by the computer name.

So, my PC name is KenLap10

an example is a file that should be investments.xls

the previous version is named investments.xls
the current version is name investments-KenLap10.XLS

This has happened to about 10 current documents in my data folder but also to about five that I haven't touched for months and you can see by the file size that it hasn't been changed. I might have thought that this was down to my using an ancient version of Office but I have seen it happen to .txt files also.

Windows 10
Windows 10
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  1. Ken Buchanan 11 Reputation points

    Hi Karlie,

    Probably the only thing I did around this time was to switch off OneDrive.

    My PC is Windows 10 Home 64 bit

    Yes, both versions exist side by side

    I thought virus but my Norton 360 is fully up to date

    No, didn't join a domain

    The problematic files are not in one folder but they are in one tree - c:\data\ken and all its sub-folders. This is where I keep my data and not within my profile so I don't think OneDrive accessed it.



  2. YxT 1 Reputation point

    This adding of a "-hostname" (where hostname is a Windows computer name) as suffix to file names definitely is a OneDrive phenomenon that happens when OneDrive notices or suspects simultaneous updates to the same file from different machinery.