I created a Microsoft List using an existing Excel file, but the formulas didn't transfer over. How can I put the same formula in the list column?

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Here is the formula I want to have in one of the columns:

=IFS(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("content",F4)),"name",ISNUMBER(SEARCH("content2",F4)),"name2",ISNUMBER(SEARCH("content3",F4)),"name3",ISNUMBER(SEARCH("content4",F4)),"name4", ISNUMBER(SEARCH("content5",F4)),"name5")

(The "content" and "name" in the above is changed from the original formula I have. In my excel file, content = internal document number ex. ABC21-AA and name = actual name ex. Jane Doe)

Is it possible to have this type of formula in Microsoft Lists? I tried to put it in there, but I got a syntax error. I pasted the formula, and put in the column name I need the formula to reference in for the cell number ex. F4, F5, etc. was changed to [column name]

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