[MS-CSRA] ICertAdminD2::GetConfigEntry "SetupStatus" entry incomplete enum

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As per [MS-CSRA] §, "SetupStatus" entry bitwise enum is incomplete. Doc has:

0x00000004 – incomplete installation
0x00000008 – new cert requested
0x00000800 – still need to upgrade security from Windows 2000 operating system
0x00001000 – permissions changed while the CA was down and the CA will need to update the directory service when it restarts

However, I do believe, there are more values (from certsrv.h):

#define SETUP_SERVER_FLAG            0x00000001 // server installed
#define SETUP_CLIENT_FLAG            0x00000002 // client installed
#define SETUP_SUSPEND_FLAG           0x00000004 // incomplete install
#define SETUP_REQUEST_FLAG           0x00000008 // new cert requested
#define SETUP_ONLINE_FLAG            0x00000010 // requested online
#define SETUP_DENIED_FLAG            0x00000020 // request denied
#define SETUP_CREATEDB_FLAG          0x00000040 // create new DB
#define SETUP_ATTEMPT_VROOT_CREATE       0x00000080 // try to create vroots
#define SETUP_FORCECRL_FLAG          0x00000100 // force new CRL(s)
#define SETUP_UPDATE_CAOBJECT_SVRTYPE        0x00000200
#define SETUP_SERVER_UPGRADED_FLAG       0x00000400 // server was upgraded
#define SETUP_SECURITY_CHANGED           0x00001000
#define SETUP_SERVER_IS_UP_TO_DATE_FLAG      0x00004000
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