How to SSL bind an existing Host Name Site Collection - SharePoint 2013

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Hello All,

I have a cross site publishing web application, which needs to be SSL bound.
The publishing site however, fetches the resources (like images, documents etc) from a host named site collection in the same web app.

When I SSL bind the publishing site, it is giving issues (there are errors that the entire site is not SSL bound).
Hence the Host Named Site Collection also needs SSL binding.

I am not getting enough references on how to change/update the binding of an existing Host Named Site collection.

Can someone provide me pointers on how this can be achieved?

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SharePoint Server Management
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  1. ChelseaWu-MSFT 6,316 Reputation points

    You will need to add IP address to the web applications IIS site bindings and then do the SSL Binding in IIS for existing Host Named Site Collections.
    Here is the sample PowerShell script to add IP bindings for a web application:

    Import-Module WebAdministration  
    # add empty binding to webapp on IP  
    New-WebBinding -Name 'webapp' -IPAddress '' -HostHeader ''   
    Sleep 60  
    # remove existing binding from existing web application  
    Get-WebBinding -Name 'webapp' -HostHeader '' | Remove-WebBinding  

    For detailed information, please check out the articles here with full tutorials:
    Implementing SSL with PowerShell for existing SharePoint 2013 farm – Part 1.
    SharePoint 2013 Host Named Site Collections over SSL.

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