How to Migrate a WPF XAML Application to .NET 5.0

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I would like some help converting a WPF XAML application (Microsoft's sample app: ExpenseItIntro) to .NET 5.0. I have already run the Portability Analyzer, which says it is 100% compatible. I have already been able to convert Console and Windows Forms applications to .NET 5.0, and have, in fact, written up a set of instructions to do so. The Word document is available for your perusal at the following OneDrive link:!AvyKg3yd5usYgaxOov1qnhvbUERruA?e=K83SzD


I have attached the original project file (item 1) and the new .NET 5.0 project file (item 2). (I renamed them from .csproj to .xml in order to upload them as a .csproj file is really in XML format.
When I try to build the new .NET 5.0 version, I get a bunch of errors about unknown namespaces, such as:
The type or namespace 'Controls' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Windows'
Similarly for 'Page', 'RoutedEventArgs', etc.
In the original project, these items all appear in the References section in Visual Studio 2019 Solution Explorer. In the new project, there is no References section, only a Dependencies section. If I try to include the References in my .NET 5.0 project file, they appear in Solution Explorer as Assemblies, all with a little warning symbol next to each name.
Basically, I don't know how to get the new project to recognize the References from the old project. Appreciate any help you could give me.

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