Organisator status lost for every appointment in calendar after rename of Shared Mailbox in Hybrid Exchange


Hi altogether,

after renaming a Shared Mailbox all appointments to date by that SMB have lost the organisator status. That means, the appointments are still in the calendar, but just as if the SMB were an attendant. You cannot change the date or cancel them for the other attendants anymore. Both in Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the web.
The name of the organisator stayed the old name of the SMB before renaming. So I tried to re-rename it to the old name. But now it got even stranger. Outlook on the web says now for the appointments: "You organized by You". The system knows that the mailbox now has the same name as the organisator, but cannot connect that correctly together. The rest stays the same.

There are 100s of appointments (often as serial ones). So it's hardly possible to contact every attendant separately to cancel specific appointments.

I already checked
There you get only the appointments created after the rename.

Is there any possibility to get the organisator status back? Perhaps with MFCMAPI?

Thanks in advance.

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Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Management
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  1. Lucas Liu-MSFT 6,161 Reputation points

    Hi @Anonymous ,
    Is your shared mailbox located on the on-premises Exchange server or Exchange online?
    Did you only change the display name of the shared mailbox?

    According to my test, I have created a shared mailbox both in on-premises and in the cloud. And assign permissions to user mailboxes respectively, and then create meetings in the shared mailbox. Rename the shared mailbox afterwards. After rebuilding the Outlook profile, I can still see the meeting created before and can edit it.
    As you could see from the picture below, the organizer of the meeting is "Shared1", but when my shared mailbox is renamed to "Shared1-1", I can still edit it successfully.

    1.Please wait half an hour after you finish making changes and try to edit again.
    2.Please try to create a new outlook profile and check if you can change the meeting.
    3.Please try to unassigned the permissions of the shared mailbox to the user mailbox, the assign the permission again. Then log in to the mailbox and check.
    4.Regarding the tips you received on Outlook on the web, can you share the completed information with us? Please note that covering your personal information.

    In addition, according to my research ,we could not change the organizer of the meeting through MFCMAPI.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the answer.

    The mailbox is located in Exchange online (migrated from Exchange on-premises). I changed everything including mail address.

    1. I waited over night.
    2. A new Outlook profile is not necessary as I tested with 3 different users who never had the SMB in their outlook before. Outlook on the web has the same problem, it cannot be a local profile problem.
    3. Same for permissions as the 3 other users (including myself) had no former rights on that mailbox. So they were newly assigned.

    Interestingly after re-renaming back to the old name, the appointments made with the new name were still accessible under the old name. So I assume it was a one time problem that cannot be reconstructed.

    Official Microsoft support also had a try but no clue.

    As the users had no time for a long diagnosis period we pragmatically decided to create a new SMB with the correct new name and let the users delete manually their appointments.
    Better a terrible end than unending terror.

    Anyway, what would be the way to get the organizer back through MFCMAPI? I guess it's only one by one so not practicable for a higher amount of appointments?