Cannot connect to Azure File Shares from Azure VPN

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I am trying to map network drives to Azure file shares I uploaded. I can use the path provided and get the UAC prompt but, after putting in the credentials, I get a "network path not found" error. I can neither ping any of the public IPs listed for my vnet. I am connected through a Virtual Network Gateway using a P2S I created and all resources are located under the same vnet. Any advice on what is going on? Thanks.

Azure Storage Accounts
Azure Storage Accounts
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Azure Virtual Network
Azure Virtual Network
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  1. Manu Philip 17,271 Reputation points MVP

    I have explained step-by-step procedure to map Azure File Share as local drive in my blog


    Please check, if you are following the same strategy for mapping the drive


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  2. ptadmin 1 Reputation point

    It did not work. The command you provided failed to run due to positional parameters that cannot be found.

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  3. Manu Philip 17,271 Reputation points MVP

    Sorry to see that you are still experiencing some issues. I am putting all the steps together as below. The steps will work as I tested now.

    1. Create a azure resource group. Change name and location as preferred New-AzResourceGroup -Name manazrg -Location southindia
    2. Create the new storage account. Change the resource group name, use your preferred storage group name, location. I have selected the SKU - Standard_LRS New-AzStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName manazrg -Name manuazsg -Location southindia -SkuName Standard_LRS
    3. Find the secret key. Change the resource group name, storage group name. Copy any one of the key Get-AzStorageAccountKey -ResourceGroupName “manazrg” -AccountName manuazsg
    4. Substitute the key in the following cmdlet to create the required share. Change resource group name, any one of the key key $azShare = New-AzStorageContext “manazsg” “your key here”
    5. Create share. Use your preferred share name New-AzStorageShare manaznetshare -Context $azShare
    6. From windows explorer, click ‘Map Network Drive’. Substitute, your storage groupname, share name below:

    Share name: \\manaznetshare

    Username, Password:
    AZURE\<storage account name> and Password is your key copied in step 3

    1. This will bring up the share in your windows explorer :)


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  4. Stephane Budo 426 Reputation points


    I'm a little confused on the architecture of the solution:
    You mentioned you are connecting to a VNet in Azure with a P2S connection. Is this to connect to existing virtual machines?
    The Azure File Share is part of the storage offering which is a public service. This mean that the access will be done through a public IP, so there is no need for VPN.
    Or did you create an endpoint within the VNet for the storage account and are trying to map the drives from your VMs located on your VNet?
    For troubleshooting purposes, have you tried to connect directly to the file share from your local computer (outside of Azure) through a simple internet connection?

    Thank you,

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  5. ptadmin 1 Reputation point


    I found a YouTube video which explained why I could not connect. There were some ways I needed to adjust the VPN on the client so it could communicate with the VPN and private endpoint I created. Thanks anyway.