The “Operate in Server Core Test” test case is duplicated even when the two targets testing are in the Same group.

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I am working on the 2012R2 Operating System HCK Windows certifications test stand with Fiber Channel protocol to test a storage product. I have a duplicated test case for the Operate in Server Core Test. With the two targets "Microsoft Multipath-Path device Specific Module" one target is for Windows GUI version client computer, and one target is for Windows CORE version client computer that are in the Same Group (in my case they are in the same Group 14) on the Selection tab of the HCK Studio, there are duplicate test cases “Operate in Server Core Test” of the Microsoft Multipath-Path Device Specific Module Target on the Test tab. Because on the Selection tab the two CORE version and GUI version test computer targets are in the same group so there should be only one test case for the Operate in Server Core Test and we can run this test case either by the GUI test computer or by the CORE test computer. But in my 2012R2 HCK Studio on the controller, there is one Operate in Server Core Test test case for the GUI machine and another Operate in Server Core Test test case for the CORE machine and the two test machines are in the same pool and are in the same group on the Selection tab.

Please help me with this Windows Hardware Certification Kit testing tool issue. Thank you!

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