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Hello everbody, i need your help...!
I have to create GUI program with C++/CLI ( also known CLR) and in my program has multiple checkboxes for program selection and single button for install for selected Checkboxes. Also in background installers made from .batch based application for slient installation. So, i wrote code like this:
button click event ( if checkbox1 checked) {Process:Start ("path1")} // need wait this process until done then Continue to below ,
( if checkbox2 checked) {Process::Start ("path2") // need wait this too and etc...

 So now, when i click button all Process starts same time how can i do my desired result :( ?
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    If you want to wait for a process to be finished, you can do :

    System::Diagnostics::Process^ proc = gcnew System::Diagnostics::Process();
    proc->StartInfo->FileName = "notepad.exe";
    // After process end

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