Access check failed against user "user1" in CcmMessaging.log

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Hello all,

could someone explain to me why I am getting this "Access check failed" on all computers?

User1 is domain user (in Domain users groups) only

Part of CcmMessaging.log:

09/02/2021 13:50:49 10196 (0x27D4) CcmMessaging Raising event:
instance of CCM_CcmHttp_Status
ClientID = "GUID:e2d96e17-1496-4bd7-8ef0-7b945dc38762";
DateTime = "20210209125049.547000+000";
HostName = "Server01.domain.local";
HRESULT = "0x00000000";
ProcessID = 11444;
StatusCode = 0;
ThreadID = 10196;

09/02/2021 13:50:49 10196 (0x27D4) CcmMessaging OutgoingMessage(Queue='mp_[http]mp_locationmanager', ID={0F4A7AB1-1948-40E2-8804-A0AD27826707}): Delivered successfully to host 'Server01.domain.local'.
09/02/2021 13:50:49 16472 (0x4058) CcmMessaging Supplied sender token is null. Using GetUserTokenFromSid to find sender's token.
09/02/2021 13:50:49 16472 (0x4058) CcmMessaging Access check failed against user 'user1'

Thanks for the explanation.


Microsoft Configuration Manager
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  1. Jason Sandys 31,176 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Is this causing an issue with the operations of ConfigMgr, is the user seeing an error message, or is the user prevented from carrying out an action (or anything similar)?

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  2. MK-2951 26 Reputation points


    to be honest there are no any problems so far. I am just curious why this happens and what is it means. A good administrator should be informed about the system which is responsible for.


  3. Jason Sandys 31,176 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    It means exactly what it says. The logs are designed for troubleshooting and for the devs to track behavior. If you are not troubleshooting, trying to understand every little detail exposed by logs is not something that is achievable or intended. Only the dev who wrote the code may be able to tell you exactly why these messages exist as it will require a an intimate knowledge of the code but unless there's a specific troubleshooting purpose here, this really doesn't hve value.