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Hi Q&A,

I'm trying to add a Splash Screen to my UWP app, develeoped using VS2019. The documentation states that I should:

"Choose the 1240 x 600 pixel image (.png, .jpg, or .jpeg) you'd like to use for your splash screen image".

However, beneath that (and marked as 'Important') it states that:

"The splash screen image you choose must be 620 x 300 pixels using a 1x scaling factor".

I tried using a 620 x 300 pixels image but VS2019 refused it, stating that the image wasn't 1240 X 600 pixels. When I tried a 1240 x 600 pixel image VS2019 accepted it. So, my question is this:

what is the 620 X 300 pixel image information all about?

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    Welcome to our Microsoft Q&A platform!

    In UWP's Splash Screen, your app icon changes according to the window width. This is why you need to provide icons with different resolutions.

    In the visual assets editor, there are corresponding resolutions under different icons, you cannot place 620 x 300 icon on 1240 x 600.

    The meaning of the document is that your base zoom icon size (1x) must be 620 x 300, and other icon resolutions are enlarged based on this


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