Azure T-SQL Msg 2812, Level 16, State 1, Procedure dbo.myproc_stuff, Line 16 [Batch Start Line 144] Could not find stored procedure 'myproc_stuff'.

Mojave Green Rattlesnake 1 Reputation point

This odd behavior just started today after 3PM ET. This Azure T-SQL in Mgmt Studio v18.8 fails:

exec myproc_stuff 'this or that'

Whereas other stored procs execute A-OK. Plus sys.objects says myproc_stuff exists.

Azure Admin: What's going on?



Azure SQL Database
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  1. Mojave Green Rattlesnake 1 Reputation point

    Well, progress, for some reason the previous sproc got caught in an Azure T-SQL black hole so this solution worked when I recreated the sproc as sproc2:

    EXEC [dbo].[myproc_stuff2] 'this or that'

    Instead of using the original:

    EXEC [dbo].[myproc_stuff] 'this or that'